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Red hair not considered unique? 2008/9/18 14:07
I am wondering if natural red hair is considered unique in Japan. Some people have told me that Japanese people view red hair as a shade of brown rather than something more special. Is this true? I was hoping to do some modeling while on my student visa, but now I'm thinking that I might not be unique-looking enough. I am almost 5'7, very slender, I have ivory colored skin (people literally think I am a vampire.. lol) and really bright red curly hair. My face is decent looking, and my eyes are big and blue. I was praying that my red hair would set me apart from other girls, but now I'm worried. In addition, I looked up some redheaded gaijin model's profiles and their hair is listed as 'brown'. Why???
by Lizzy  

modelling 2008/9/19 12:55
If you get a modelling job here it won't be so much because of your hair colour, it is more about your entire "look". Red-haired, pale models are often featured on the front of a popular Japanese wedding planning magazine because apparently the editors like that look.

All you can do is try- it would help a lot if you have modelling experience in your own country and you will need a professional portfolio of photos.
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I love it 2008/9/19 15:01
I sometimes read about how many people from outside Japan would never even consider modeling in their own countries but for some reason, think that it is entirely possible here in Japan. Is there a reason why? Just curious. Is it because they consider Japanese standards lower?
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red 2008/9/19 15:02
I think "real" red hair, eyebrows, etc, would turn heads, particularly if you have "ivory" skin without freckles!!!
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modelling 2008/9/19 19:19
Basically if you could model in your home country, you could model in Japan. It's not like the 70s where almost any slightly-taller-than average foreigner could find modelling work- there is far more competition now. Your red hair may make you stand out, hard to say really- depends what kind of look is wanted by that particular client.
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to F-Mac 2008/9/20 06:13
Actually, I model in America too. I don't think Japanese standards are lower. I was wondering if my red hair would keep me from modeling in Japan. Red hair is unique in America and has definitely helped in my career. I actually was scouted originally due to my red hair (though I fit the modeling standard otherwise, too). I'm not huge here or anything, though (mainly due to my height). But yeah, I don't think I could just waltz into Japan and get a gig or something. Don't assume so much!
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red hair 2008/9/20 07:34
Good, you have the experience, so go for it. As for why the girls' hair is listed as brown, Japanese people are often not familiar with names for the range of hair/ eye colours Caucasians have- there is no particular word for "strawberry blonde hair" or "hazel eyes" in Japanese for example.

I'm sure you could have your hair colour listed as "red" if you wanted, but most Japanese seem to think of red hair as orange- when you think about it, no-one actually has "red" (i.e. the colour of a fire engine) hair.

Saying you have red hair may conjure up images of fire-engine coloured hair in Japanese who don't know that that hair-colour is called red in English.
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