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Dog name for shiba inu? 2008/9/19 04:51
I'm getting another shiba, and the one we have is named kuma. We want to name this one with another short name that means something in japanese also since they are japanese dogs. Any ideas? not just typical japanese dog names, just something that means something in japanese, were were thinking lion or something but we didnt like the way the word sounded! Thanks for any help :)
by Jackie  

Otousan 2008/9/19 10:28

Definitely "Otousan" if it's white. ;-)

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shiba name 2008/9/19 11:08
'Yuki', for 'snow'.
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Thank you 2008/9/20 00:13
Thanks for your input :) I do greatly appreciate it.
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dog name 2008/9/20 15:01
More names - you don't mention whether you are getting a male or female puppy...some of these might be cute for a small dog, some for a female dog, just suggestions.
Sukoshi (skoshi) - 'small bit'
Hana - flower; or Hanako
Hachiko is the name of the famous dog that waited for its master outside Shibuya station. Many people think Hachiko was female because of the 'ko' ending but he was actually male.
Take - bamboo
Kaze - wind
(You know how to pronounce these, right? Two syllables, the second one sounds kind of like 'ay'?)
Momo - peach
Momotaro, famous 'peach boy'
hoshi - star
Taka - hawk
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... 2008/9/20 20:00
"Sukoshi" is not a noun - if someone says "sukoshi," I would wonder "sukoshi ... of what?" (a little bit of what?). I might recommend instead "Chibi," meaning "the little one," and also a popular name for shiba, because shiba is the smallest Japanese dog pedigree.
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Ah! 2008/9/20 21:07
How silly of me! It's going to be another little boy. In fact we have him now. He is just a ball of energy!

I thought about maybe naming him "Chibi", as I have been looking up names. I dont know why its so hard this time! Kuma's name came so easily.
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names 2008/9/21 12:23
Choko, Momo, Maron, Hana, Sakura, Nana, Koko, Sora, Moko, Rin
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...... 2008/9/21 15:55
I think Hachiko sounds awesome......If I have a one, I would name it like this.....
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my childhood dog... 2008/9/23 03:35
My dog from childhood was named Aki. This means autumn season. My dog was orange color like fall leaves. It is short sweet name and easy to say.
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dog name 2008/9/23 09:05
Look at the 'All About My Dog' video on Youtube and then you HAVE to name the dog Marimo!
The only Marimo I know (meaning-wise) is the algae balls up north
but things could be stranger than naming your dog 'Algae'. I guess.
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Broccoli 2008/9/23 15:08
I've seen a couple of TV programs that had dogs named "Broccoli". It's cute...but maybe only in Japan.
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Dombee 2008/9/24 22:03
If your shiba is as cute as , how about dombee?
You can hear how to pronounce the name at 2:27.

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. 2008/9/25 00:13
My all time favorite, Pochi.
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Thank you! 2008/9/25 00:34
all wonderful suggestions. I really appreciate it. We've picked a name but i'd like to change it now. :P.

The video of marimo almost made me cry!! :(
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