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Reasonable charge for an apartment? 2008/9/19 08:20
My school is charging me Y81,000 per month for a furnished apartment which includes kitchen utensils, wi-fi, TV, microwave oven and bedding. Utilities are also paid. It is located in the Saitama area. Is this a reasonable charge for this area. Sorry, I don't know exact size in sq. ft.
by Alan  

Rent 2008/9/19 09:48

Rent depends not only on size (which you don't mention), but number of rooms, location, and distance from the nearest station. Without knowing these details, it's hard to say, but if utility bills are already paid for, then that sounds pretty reasonable - unless it's a Showa-era one-room apartment with a shared toilet.
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. 2008/9/19 13:28
Is it a shared kitchen and shared living room ?
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more info needed 2008/9/19 14:18
Tiny, I doubt it, because that would be a "guest house" rather than an apartment. Alan's description sounds like a private apartment.

Alan, I agree with Dave in Saitama- you have left out the most important information in determining price in Japan. Where in Saitama is also important as there is a big difference between prices right up in the north vs. closer to the Tokyo border.
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