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Can I mail cookies to my son in Japan? 2008/9/19 08:38
My son is now in Tokyo at university and I would like to send him some homemade cookies. I cannot find anything on the customs information that prohibits it, but does anyone know for sure? Is there a preferred way to package them? Any info would be appreciated.
by Lisa R in USA  

. 2008/9/19 10:03
I've sent cookies to Japan from the US. When you put"cookies" on the custom paper at the post office, they always ask if it's home made. I don't remember exactly what it was but there is a regulation regarding home made goods. I think they worry about things getting spoiled while being send...
When asked, just tell them it's Oreos. Make sure to pack air tight and send via air mail which is pretty expensive.
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. 2008/9/19 14:58
I used to mail cookies and other gifts to friends from the US to Japan all the time, no problem at all.

If we're talking about your standard sugar, chocolate chip etc cookies, and nothing exotic with exotic ingredients then you should be generally ok.

The USPS Customs form doesn't ask if its homemade or not, but it asks you to be as specific as possible when describing the contents, so if its Chocolate chip cookes, you can write "Chocolate chip cookies" instead of just "Cookies".

The thing you just have to worry about is the cookies breaking, crumbling apart in the mail.
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