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Buying a used car in Japan 2008/9/19 09:06
Hello Everyone!

I have lived in Japan for a few months and decided it is time to buy a car.  A friend of mine took me to see one that I am thinking of buying, and I just wanted a second opinion on it. It is a 1999 Honda Life with two years of Shakken on it, 100k km, no accidents, to dings, to it. 280000.  Is this a good deal, or should I keep looking around? Thanks!
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used car 2008/9/19 13:53
White plate or yellow plate?
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K kar 2008/9/19 16:50
The Honda life is only available as as 660cc kei yellow reg car. 28man is more then I would pay but depending on the grade and condition, with new shaken on it it seems to be the going rate or there abouts.
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