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About a boy... 2008/9/20 09:19
Does anyone know the name of the cartoon/anime on Japan television around 1975-77. It was about a boy, origami, a bear come to life...and I recorded the songs one said...origami hikoki homonodai... yu meno te kai cha homonodai... Paku??? The other said Nu Ke..nu ku do, do ke do ta ta kai kul kel dah???

Also, does anyone know anywhere on youtube or the web where i can see either the one above or IQ-san?
Thank you!
by IQ-san and ???  

1Q is Ikkyu-san? 2008/9/21 14:35
I'm sorry that I don't know the first one.

There are countless videos of Ikkyu-san on You Tube.
You can find other videos by using tag "一休さん" on You Tube.
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Thank you! Almost found! 2008/9/25 19:20
Thank you! I went to those sites and yes, Ikkyu-san was there! I also found a link to the other one:
이상한 나라의 폴 but there should be another song out there for this: http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=BYN1POQ0B4M

this was the same melody, but the words were different. It definitely said homonodai, origami hikoki homonodai, and ended with the word Pakkun.
Can anyone find it?

This song was correct:
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