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Japanese comedy show- neptune? 2008/9/20 11:17

I stayed in Akihabara a while ago just for a weekend, and there was a hilarious comedy show that I can't remember the title of. Something about "Neptune?"

Anyway, there was a segment called Hori's Chocolate Factory, with a guy dressed up as Willy Wonka generally being an annoying jerk to people.

There was another part where they played some Jpop songs and the guests had to guess the meaning of the english lyrics. Once that was over they would do a skit where the comedians would pretend to be the Jpop acts and would redo the video in an exaggerated style.

Can anyone help me out with finding out more about this show?
by newtmonkey  

Neputune 2008/9/26 10:05
"Neptune" is the name of a comedy group.

You perhaps say about their DVD or something? Neptune has been host of many TV shows. What you watched was probably each show's collection.
Their comedy is almost nonsense and exaggerated. But two of them sometimes acts in serious TV dramas.
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Nep Dai-league 2008/9/26 10:14
I remember something... You perhaps watched their TV show's special version "Nep Dai-league".
You were in Japan early of this year? (maybe Feb.)
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thank you! 2008/9/26 11:07
Thank you! Yes, I was in Japan in Feb, I believe this is when I saw this show. The part I remember was "Let's Study J-POP English!"
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