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Time - Certificate of Eligibility 2008/9/20 23:36
I am selected to participate in a student exchange program at Kyushu Institute of technology,Fukuoka.
I have forwarded my application of Certificate of Eligibility to the institute.
Can anyone tell how much time will it take for the Application to be processed and i recieve the certificate of eligibility .
I am told the term starts at October 1,will i be able to be there on time?
by Bhalu  

... 2008/9/21 08:43
It typically takes between two weeks and three months, depending on the specific case (easy vs. complicated) and on how busy the immigration bureau is.

Whenever I was involved in certificates of eligibility, the waiting time was around one month.
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COE 2008/9/21 09:25
Since October 1 is only 10 days away, I very much doubt that all the processing will be done in that short time. Mid October would be more likely. Is this going to cause problems?
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. 2008/9/21 10:28
You're going for a student visa right? Student Visas are special in that Immigration processes them in batches at certain times of the year to correlate them with each school season. In most cases for student visas, as they require many additional documents such as financial support documents to review, it can take up to 3 months to process.

But again it varies depending on what visa and various other aspects. From my experience it can "take up to" or in my case 3 full months.
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COE 2008/9/21 14:40
Thanks guys.
So its highly unlikely tat i can be there for the start of the term ;(

Will the institute speed up the process by any chance since they are moving thru a MoU between our institutions.
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