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October Planning: Little Bits for Now 2008/9/24 09:12
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi, new user and hopefully one the can be helped seeing as most of the questions i have read so far have gotten fine responses.

Me and two friends are visiting Tokyo in October and i was just looking for a few fun things to do in our time visiting so answers to the following would be greatly appreciated:)

1. Does the baseball season continue into October? (so far i think we might just miss it when we arrive from what i have researched) but i am hoping i might get to try see one game.

2. I want to go bowling while over in Tokyo and was wondering if anyone knows of places to go for this and if there are any that are easier for tourists to use eg.help to put names onto computer/maybe even english keyboards?

3. Lastly for now, it was a happy moment when we realised the Tokyo Game Show had moved to fall onto a date we would be present in Tokyo, so from anyones past experience is it easy enought o turn up on the public days and get in or would you need to find tickets in advance?

Ok so not the most amazing questions but are a few i am hoping to get some response to so thank you in advance for any response:)
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Quick answers 2008/9/25 00:05
1. The baseball season does extend into October, however do note that it ends in the first week of October. Playoffs should begin soon after, but tickets will be expensive.

2. Bowling is pretty easy to find, I think. However, you can be overloaded in Tokyo at first. I know of one in Kabukicho (Shinjuku) and one near Tokyo Dome. It might be a little difficult to get a lane and such if you don't speak Japanese, but generally, they'll help you as much as possible. The only time I ever went, we just filled out the form (generally using katakana) and they told us which lane to go to. We had to pick up shoes at another counter, and looked for a ball. You go by the games played, so you might have to tell them in advance how many games you want to play.

3. I believe you can get into the Tokyo Game Show without much problems, but expect a lineup. Don't quote me. Just do a search for various blogs.
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gratitude.. 2008/10/1 10:33
thanks for responding to my questions!
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