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Best Buffalo chicken wings in tokyo 2008/9/24 21:50
Tokyo 23-ku
Ok, I've been living here for three months now, and I've had a craving for 2 months straight that I can't seem to satisfy.

I need some good buffalo style chicken wings in tokyo. I've had many of he asian chicken wings around tokyo but nothing is working for me.

So where's the best american sports bar style ultra hot buffalo wing place in tokyo....

And no.. I don't think I can make it till hooters opens sometime this year.. Not that their wings are great, but they are better than what I've been finding.
by Joey  

Wings 2008/9/25 08:30
Have you tried Zest Cantina?
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I haven't yet 2008/9/25 13:18
I haven't tried Zest Cantina yet, but I will add it to my list of places to try now.
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American Restaurants? 2008/9/26 20:56
There are a some popular American restaurants in Japan. You should try them...Hard Rock Cafe, TGIFriday, Denny's, etc.
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. 2008/9/27 06:46
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Legends 2008/9/29 17:30
I tried legends over the weekend. And while the wings were ok. They just reminded me of the typical frozen wings you can buy in a grocery store. The worst part though is when my japanese friend asked me if the blue cheese was mayonaise. And sure enough, it had a hint of blue cheese flavor but I swear the base must have been pure mayo.

The cheeseburger on the other hand was good and the atmosphere was great.
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Hard pressed 2008/9/30 07:46
I went to Legend's a while ago, and I liked it also. Didn't try the wings though. The nachos were ok, however.

I think you're going to be hard pressed to find good wings in Tokyo. Do you have the facilities to make them yourself? They do make a mess, but the best wings I've had were home made.

Have you been to Odaiba? Outside of Roppongi, that probably would be the only other place I can think of that could have a restaurant for wings. There are a decent amount of restaurants near the 'beach' area, so you might want to investigate there.

I've figured out most things here by trial and error, so your search for wings might be ongoing.
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Searching 2008/9/30 09:45
I think the search for wings has really become just that, a search for wings. After being here for a couple of months I need a hobby, I've been to all the tourist spots, and seen everything I set out to see. So whats left to do but search for the best wings in tokyo ;)
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. 2008/9/30 11:26

I'm glad you liked Legends. I go there when I miss Caeser salad.

If you need a new hobby, I suggest getting off at any Yamanote Line station (best ones are small stations between Nippori and Ikebukuro) and just walk around. Or Get off at Otsuka and take the Arakawa Toden and do the same. You'll discover a whole new Tokyo.
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Many searches 2008/10/1 08:50
Yeah, I'm always on a search for some good beers. I check out all the booze shops I can find.

Like, the Tokyogal said, try just going somewhere and walking around. At Nippori, you can check out the Yanaka ginza area, it's pretty fun. No wings though.
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best wings 2008/10/1 18:40
I second ZEST cantina! They are kinda small wings, but they have several varieties, plus they bring the wings and a shaker to the table and shake it up for you! It's quite fun. They used to do mechanical bull riding on sunday nights too.
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Chicken? 2008/10/2 01:00

I know its not exactly buffalo Wings, BUT.... "Greenbow chicken tenders" at Bubba Gump (Suidobashi Station) can be extremely satisfying :-)
Otherwise, Hard Rock Café at Ueno Station or Roppongi has Buffalo Wings.

Jeeez.... now i want Buffalo wings too!!!! :-)
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Many restaurants in Tokyo 2008/10/5 13:59
You should check http://www.sunnypages.jp which gives you tons of restaurants info in Tokyo. Plus, this site is now going on campaign so you can get a digital camera and so on.
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Bringing American Style Wings to Japan 2009/8/4 20:25
I too had that problem of great hotwings in Tokyo, so I'm going to open up a hotwing place there. It will be a hit. I cant wait until the doors open and they will know what real wings taste like.
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Korean BBQ chicken 2009/8/5 13:47
Have you tried Korean BBQ chicken? You might find buffalo wings a little boring after you try it.
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Best chicken wings in Japan 2009/11/28 04:41
The best chicken wings I have ever had in Japan were at a small rock bar in iwakuni japan. The bar is called liquid rock cafe
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Zest is the way to go! 2009/11/30 12:55
Zest is the only place to get buffalo wings in Japan. My in-laws live in Roppongi and there are about 3 Zests around there. They took the zest rolls off the menu which were excellent also!! They are small, but you tend to eat so much there it doesn't really matter.
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