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Narita to Yokohama 2008/9/25 06:13
how can i go from narita airport(terminal 1) to yokohama ?

by traveler  

... 2008/9/25 09:17
You can take the Narita Express directly to Yokohama. There is one direct train per hour and all the seats are reserved. The trip takes about 90 minutes and costs about 4200 yen.

See this page for more info on:
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Yokosuka Line "Airport Narita" 2008/9/25 09:58
Many of the rapid "Airport Narita" trains (Yokosuku line) also go via Yokohama station. These trains are cheaper (about half the price) and don't require reservations but take up to half an hour longer than the Express. I think there are about two an hour.
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An alternative 2008/9/25 10:40
I am purchasing the Suica & N'ex for 3500 yen. The N'ex trip to Yokohama is 1500 yen and another 1500 yen is put on a Suica card for use in and around Tokyo. The extra 500 yen is a deposit that can be refunded when you turn the card back in.

More details at:

I would say it's pretty much a no-brainer.
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Shin-Yokohama 2008/9/25 12:39
How long does it take from Yokohama to Shin-Yokohama then? CosT?
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Hyperdia 2008/9/25 14:13
Yokohama to Shinyokohama on the Yokahama City Subway Blue Line is 11 minutes at a cost of a whopping 230 yen.
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. 2008/9/25 16:53
If you have a JR Pass or don't mind waiting a bit and depending on time of day, the JR Yokohama Line runs through trains about two an hour (at certain times of the day) between Yokohama Station and ShinYokohama Station, at a more reasonable price of 160yen taking the same amount of time 11-12minutes.
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