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Clubbing-Tokyo,anywhere but Roppongi 2008/9/30 14:03

Me and two friends want to headout for the weekend. We are all foreigners, it will be a first time clubbing for me, I would like to know which places and clubs are good ones to go to.

My friends are dead against Roppongi! They dont like the atomosphere and want to experience real local japanese clubbing.

Can anyone help? Cheers

by spark  

Nande? 2008/10/1 09:16
You shouldn't be a club snob especially on your 1st time out. Unless you can speak Japanese and know pepple at other clubs, you'll have a hard time meeting people outside of Roppongi.
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what kind of? depends on your liking. 2008/10/1 16:25
I understood what your friends mean. Roppongi is certainly bad atmosphere's place, haha.
I guess tere're too many clubs for locals. But you need to make clear what types of music and venue's size...small club or big ones.
And this's only my opinion, clubs in central Tokyo are perhaps of that kind your friends hate. Visitors come from countryside to have a "Tokyo-ish" nite, get too much crazy. However, there're nice clubs even in some popular places e.g. Shibuya. Most of nice clubs are small venue.If you're totally foreigners, ppl may be kind. But take care not to be cheated.
(Oops, sorry for poor English)
BTW on this forum, I wonder why too many ppl suggests Roppongi. I hate that.
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well... 2008/10/1 23:02
@ Natsuki..

I dont mean to come off as a snob, but its just my friends are highly against going there (they've been to Roppongi a number of times) Plus my friend summed it by saying its one the few places in Japan that doesnt feel like Japan.

@ M
thanks for the info! Me and friends like Jazz, RNB, Jpop and Dance. But we hate Hard House and Trance.

Shibuya sounds good...any clubs that you would reconmend in the area? Also whats Shinjuku like?


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. 2008/10/2 08:39
Shibuya is it!

Club Air. B2 Hikawa Bldg, 2-11 Sarugaku Tel. 03-6145-6231 Made a brief appearance in the movie Lost in Translation.
Club Atom. Tel. 03-5428-5195 Owned by Vanilla, this club houses three dance floors with music ranging from psychedelic trance to hip-hop. Entrance fee is only 1000 before 12 o'clock.
Club Asia. Dogenzaka. Popular for trance music all night long.
Harlem. 2-4 Tuburayama-cho Tel. 03-3461-8806 Large two-floor all hip-hop club. Foreigners may not be admitted unless they bring along a Japanese friend.
Shibuya Nuts. Considerably smaller than the above mentioned nightclubs, has a good reputation among the hip-hop crowd in Tokyo and features occasional live performances.
Vuenos. Across the street from Club Asia also sharing the same owner. Dedicated rap and r&b club with ocassional live dance and rap performances.
Womb. Dogenzaka. One of Tokyo's largest clubs, designed by the people behind New York's Twilo and the setting of a scene in Babel. Entrance is fairly steep at 3500, usually without any drinks included.
Rock West. A smaller, friendly club that specialised in underground techno, fairly well hidden on the 7th floor of an office building. It`s certainly one of the cheaper spots in the area with a cover charge of 1000 and most drinks around 500.

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... 2008/10/2 21:23
Though I'm not a clubbing person, let me suggest you to check up the clubbing page of the English free magazine, METROPOLIS (delivered both on-line and off-line) where they show you the upcoming schedule for the week of some clubs in Tokyo including Shibuya and other towns. I think it very useful as you can look over what genre of music is going to be played on the day at multiple clubs at one view.

*See "Listings" section:

About a club in Shinjuku that would relatively put on jazz a lot, one that comes to my mind is OTO (http://www.club-oto.com/).

This web site is almost in Japanese but you can get the info about the music genre featured on each day on the schedule page and the map is shown in English. Though I don't know what kind of jazz and J-pop you're into, for example, Yasuharu Konishi (ex. Pizzicato Five) is going to be one of DJs with the theme "Jazz & Jive" on Oct. 26th there.

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Trance music & Admission 2008/11/10 23:03
Hi there,
Me and my 2 girl friends are Singaporeans, and we were wondering if we can be admitted into one of the clubs mentioned, eg Club Air, Club Atom, etc. Is it true that non-Japanese will not be admitted? If so...where else can we club in trance music? We luuuurve trance! Cheers!

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. 2009/8/24 16:03
i am a half japanese (half australian) and i speak OK japanese, i am going clubbing with my brother (a half chinese half australian) around tokyo and want to know some good places to go clubbing (with japanese) that will allow us. thanks much
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Clubbin 2009/8/24 17:47
Hate to break it to you but 'clubbing' isn't Japanese to start with so you are not going to find a unique Japanese experience there.
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