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power supply in japan 2008/10/5 21:14
I am travelling to Tokyo on 8.10.08 from th UK 240V 3pin l need to charge my camera battery during my stay, can you tell me what I will need to do this. Can I buy a converter in Japan in the airport or do hotels supply them as I have tried but failed to purchase one inthe UK. Thanks Daniel
by Daniel  

AC100V in Japan 2008/10/6 15:28
You need to buy voltage transformer which can change to 100V from 240V if your AC adapter does not support for AC100V. You can buy it airport and electric store, but not hotel.

Have a good trip.
by hijiken rate this post as useful

... 2008/10/6 16:00
First please check the power rating on the power supply unit of your camera; does it say 100V to 240V, or does it only say 240V? Some recent appliances do accommodate quite a wide power range.
- If it says 100V - 240V, then you don't need a transformer; you only need a plug adaptor (because the pin configuration is different).
- If it says 240V only, that means you need to buy a step-up transformer as well.

Since the pieces you are looking for are needed by UK travellers, I think you should be able to find it in the UK. If you can't find one in your neighborhod, when you depart from your UK airport, check out any duty-free/electrical appliance shop there. If you are staying at a very good hotel in Japan, they might be able to lend you an adaptor during your stay there, but you can never be sure.
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Plug adapter 2008/10/6 16:04

It is highly likely that your battery charger works on mains voltages from 100 to 240 V, but you need to check what is says on the actual charger. You will need to get a plug adapter, and I'm surprised you have had no luck finding one in the UK. You probably won't be able to get one at Narita airport (they sell adapters for Japanese people travelling abroad), but you may get one at the airport when you leave the UK. In Japan, you will be able to get one in Akihabara in Tokyo. Head for the Laox Duty Free store.
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

power supply 2008/10/7 03:46
i am just about to go to Japan and have bought a USB cable charger to use there - it comes with different pin arrangements to use in different mine from Ebay
by rebecca rate this post as useful

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