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Football (Soccer) shops in Tokyo 2008/10/6 20:43

are there any good places to buy football (soccer) gear in Tokyo, such as J-League shirts etc?
by Simon Overall  

KAMO Soccer Shop 2008/10/9 02:46
KAMO Soccer Shop is a good place to get the J-League jerseys, you can also get jerseys of famous teams around the world. Sometimes they will carry those hard-to-find Japanese edition. It's a chain store that you can find it in Shibuya (across Tokyu Hands), Shinjuku (10 mins walk from JR Shinjuku South Exit), Ikebukuro (West Exit) and Harajuku (It's right across JR Harajuku station)

Here's the website of KAMO

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Kamo too.... 2008/10/10 03:55
Kamo Football shop at Ikebukuro is my favourite in Tokyo.
-And its VERY easy to find, less than 1 minute walk from the west exit at Ikebukuro station. (on your right hand side)
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More football/soccer shops? 2008/11/26 22:01
Any other shops people know of?

Department stores etc...
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Ikebukuro 2008/11/28 06:09
Hi! Thanks for the advice ^__^ Could you explain the Ikebukuro shop a bit clearer? I wasn't able to find it T___T
Thank you

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Ikebukuro KAMO 2008/11/29 02:09
I have created a pin in Google map for you. Go to Google Map and rotate the globe until you see Japan as a whole (don't zoom in to any specify region yet). Then type 'Ikebukuro KAMO Soccer Shop' in the search box. Click on 'Show Search Option' (which is next to 'Search Map' button) and pick 'User-created Content'. Then you can click on 'Search Map' and will find the green pin (football action pin) of KAMO in Ikebukuro. The kanji right next to the pin means Ikebukuro Station West Exit.
Hope it helps....
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J league jersies 2008/12/17 03:09
i want to get some j league jersies but since the season has just ended, should I get them now while they are still at regular prices in ss kamo or should I wait for a sale? and when does ss kamo usually have a sale?
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Football Max 2008/12/20 23:35
Has anyone ever been here and if so how would I get to it please.

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cost 2009/9/11 20:19
I went into Kamo earlier as wanted to buy a J League jersey as a momento of my visit, but was shocked at how expensive they were ^ around 14000 yen! This is twice what you would pay in Europe for a jersey for any of the big clubs. Are J League jerseys always this expensive
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Re: Football (Soccer) shops in Tokyo 2014/4/22 09:12
For the Kamo soccer shop in Ikebukuro, it's the EAST exit (the shop is on the east side of the station) NOT west. You basically go out of the station, turn immediately right, and after about a minute's walk, it's on the right hand side. I spent flippin' hours walking around the west side of the station trying to find it, only eventually to find it wasn't there! That's why you weren't able to find it - you probably went out the west exit as I did. Very frustrating!
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