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Lacoste Ometosando store: email? 2008/10/7 09:53
I visited Tokyo few weeks ago and I saw a beatiful V sweater without sleeves in a lacoste store in Ometosando. Now I would like to buy it online from Tokyo, can someone help me? How could I contact by email the store in Ometosando? Tks so much
by Mauro  

... 2008/10/7 18:21
I don't think that Lacoste retail stores can sell by email or over the phone, especially if you wish to have it shipped to a foreign country.

Your best bet is to see if you can order it directly though Lacoste Japan. Here is their website. They don't appear to have online shopping, but there is a link to the Harajuku store with contact info. If you don't speak Japanese, though, then I'm afraid you may be out of luck.


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... 2008/10/7 18:22
you can also try sites like rakuten and amazon but I'm not sure if they can ship overseas.



And as a last resort try personal shoppers. Search "Japan personal shopper" in google and you'll find lots of services available (although they probably aren't cheap).
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thanks 2008/10/7 18:37
Tks guys. It seems to be impossible to buy it online..
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