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Techno Pencil Boxes? 2008/10/8 09:56

I will be visiting Tokyo in a month and have been asked to purchase some pencil boxes for kids that are "high-tech," such as a button for pencil sharpener, a compartment for eraser, etc. They also need to be made with the soft covering that is almost foamy.... will the stationery stores such as Ito-Ya and Toyku Hand sell such products?

Thank you!
by Sly  

... 2008/10/8 10:02
I'm pretty sure you should be able to find them at the stores you mentioned, but they are also easily found at midend stationary stores and department stores as well. If I remember correctly they cost between 1000-2000 yen.

Exactly what designs are you looking for? Common ones are anime characters, shinkansen, sports clothing brands, etc.
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midend stationery stores 2008/10/8 12:13
Thank you for the quick response to my question. I am looking for the pencil boxes with the designs of Shinkansan, Snoopy, Hello Kitty, Totoro, or any other characters well known in the States. I will definitely look for them in the department stores, but could you give me some examples of midend stationery stores and where I can find them? Thanks.
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... 2008/10/8 12:22
I guess what I meant by midend rather than highend is regular stationary stores that carry everyday supplies. Ito-ya is a rather high end store catering more to adults than children so you may not have the best selection there. It can't hurt to look though as they seem to carry just about everything.

The local Itoyokado department store in my area carries a good selection of the designs you mentioned. I'd also check out Loft which is similar to Tokyu Hands.
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