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Shipping 2008/10/9 21:37
I would like buy something on amazon.jp but unfortunetly, they don't send their items out of japan.
Do you know a someone or a companie who receive products in japan and reexpediate in another country?
If someone want help me,(or not), I can do the same thing for french product. I'll be very happy to help you.
thank you in adavnce and have a good day.
by Laurent  

ummm 2008/10/10 11:12
I'm can't say how much it's gonna cost. But i know it's pretty expensive too. It's like 7kg box shipping to state around $100.... when i send box to state from japan. Bi's up to weight too.
So it's help you litte bit???
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... 2008/10/10 18:29
Which merchandise are you trying to buy from amazon.co.jp? I know that they do have international shipping rates for *some* of their products; they don't ship things like software program packages and things like that.
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try this company 2008/10/27 03:24

I never used them before, but I'm buying Japanese clothes online (from jshopper, but you don't need a company for them) and I ran across it.
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