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Kimono rental in Kyoto 2008/10/10 11:45
Does anyone know the names of stores that rent formal kimono in Kyoto? Any websites would be appreciated.I've been trying to find a store with an English speaker and can't seem to find one outside Tokyo.
by Jen  

kimonos 2008/10/11 03:48
You aren't saying why you want to rent a kimono so I apologize in advance if I get off in the wrong direction altogether!
Are you talking about renting a kimono and being made up for a couple of hours so that you can walk around the neighbourhood or at least have photos taken? there are quite a few such places in Kyoto and you can google them easily. lovekyoto.hotwire.jp/eng/?v=ehwol
does let you take a "kimono" out and the rental is cheap so their kimono are likely to be very cheap too. http://sensho-kitamura.jp/info/english.html
looks like a better quality place and you can-must-e-mail them for reservation and details.check also http://www.kyotokimono.com/Styles/AvailableStyles.htm
for kimonos for sale
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Thanks 2008/10/11 13:35
I was thinking along the lines of furisode and hakama and kimono. I actually wanted to rent wedding kimono (since we are trying to plan a wedding in Japan).

I emailed a place in Tokyo called "kimono rental Aki" and he told me some people are only wearing shiromuku, furisode, or uchikake at weddings these days.

I didn't know furisode could be worn at weddings, but I guess a kimono rental shop would know.

I prefer to have the ceremony in Kyoto, but I was having a hard time finding a rental store online with English on their page. I saw this picture on one of the sites you sent, which made me think weddings in furisode could be possible.

From what I thought before, furisode was only worn at the reception- but maybe people on a tighter budget will wear it at the ceremony. I'm sure the furisode would be more comfortable at an August wedding, too.
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Sounds sweltering 2008/10/11 13:43
August in Kyoto in a full kimono? You're brave. I would keel over from heat exhaustion in about 5 minutes. I hope you won't be spending much time out of air-conditioning.
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Yeah, I know 2008/10/11 13:47
It sounds crazy, and I'm sure it will be rough. We're picking August because we want to climb Fuji and see the fireworks at Miyajima. There are just too many cool things to do in August. I hear the ceremony is short, though. :)
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Can anyone translate this page 2008/10/11 14:03
I tried to use babel fish to understand it, but that always gives weird translations. Do you have to bring your own tabi, kimono underwear, and zori- or can you buy/rent them there?

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kimono 2008/10/15 20:27
There are plenty of places in Kyoto. It depends on what you want and what your budget is. If you mean to rent a real wedding kimono, that's a lot of yen. If you want a 'costume' it will be a lot less. I work in the Gion area of Kyoto and there are lots of 'costume' shops that will dress you up. If you want a more serious outfit, nearly any major hotel in Kytoto has a bridal dept which can get you situated. It all depends on your image and budget.
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kitamura 2008/10/15 20:38
Sorry. I should have looked at your post above. I know the people at the shop you have linked! The ladies are really nice. Send me a pm at tektonjp at gmail.com and maybe I can ask them directly about what you want.

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Thanks for the offer, Scott 2008/10/16 05:43
The ladies at sensho-kitamura were wonderful. I emailed them and they went to the trouble of taking pictures of all their furisode, since they weren't on the site. I'm definitely going to go with them.

Now all I have to do is hear back from the shine. We emailed shimogamo a last week, but haven't heard back yet. If anyone has recommendations of shrines we should try to contact (who will be able to understand English emails), that would be great. :)
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To: mikazuki81 2009/7/26 19:24
I see that you started to look for a place already last year. Did you get any answers from other shrines besides Shimogamo? Any info would be much appreciated! Planning to get married in Japan feels like putting together a big puzzle :)
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