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how to get to upgarage? 2008/10/10 12:38
ill be staying in mercure hotel and i would like to check some parts in upgarage/parts off..
would appreciate if you could post some directions.
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... 2008/10/10 14:11
Is this the shop you're looking for?


What city are you staying in? They have shops all over the country.
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directions to upgarage 2008/10/10 15:31
sir ill be staying in mercure hotel(i think its in ginza). i found the website of upgarage but i can't understand the map since its in japanese.would appreciate if anyone could post a direction on how to get there from mercure...
thanks a lot
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... 2008/10/10 16:10
There are three branches of this shop around Tokyo but they are in the suburbs around the city. The closest is probably the one in Kunitachi City. It is about 1 km from Yaho Station on the Nambu Line which is about 1 hour from Ginza:


The others in Tokyo are:



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... 2008/10/10 16:15
There are also a few branches in the neighboring prefectures of Chiba and Saitama that are probably equally as far from your hotel.
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... 2008/10/10 16:19
Upgarage's Machida Honten (main store) is located in Machida City of Tokyo prefecture, outside central Tokyo. From Ginza it takes about one hour by trains. Note that since those are auto/motorcycle parts shops, all of the shops are located conveniently for people who drive there, not really for people who go there by train. But still you can get to Upgarage's Machida location:

Walk to Ginza station of Metro Ginza line, take the Ginza line to Shibuya. At Shibuya, take Tokyu Den'en-toshi line headed for Chuo-rinkan station; the station you want to get off at is "Minami Machida." (You can take a rapid train to Nagatsuda, then change to a slower train to Minami-Machida.) From Minami-Machida station, it's about half a kilometer or so away.
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... 2008/10/10 18:06
thanks for all the help..
btw,instead of posting another thread,ill just ask it here..
please post directions as well going to a parts off and autobacs branch near mercure.thanks so much for all the help
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... 2008/10/11 16:20
What parts (I mean, automobiles or motorcycles parts?) are you looking for? Autobacs seems to have shops dedicated to either auto or motorcycles.
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...AK 2008/10/11 22:11
sir AK,im gonna look for auto parts..hopefully someone can post directions going to parts off or autobacs..
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... 2008/10/12 19:21
Among Autobacs shops that deal in auto parts, maybe this one is easiest to find - "Super Autobacs Tokyo Bay Shinonome."

From your hotel it should be a short talk to Ginza icchome station of Metro Yurakucho Line. Take that line to Shinkiba (about 12 minutes or so), then change to Rinkai Line (one station) to Shinonome station. It's one minute walk from the station - from the station, you have to walk under the elevated highway, and it should be right there.

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