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African American Residents in Japan? 2008/10/12 20:37

This is my first time doing this, so please bare with me.

I've been reading the past few Q&A's and from what I can understand, Japan is a very magnificant place.

But, What I was wondering is are there alot of african americans living in japan? And if so, how does this affect the japanese?

I've been reasearching japan for over several months. And of all the amazing things i've learned, I have yet to come across any information pertaining/related to this subject.

You see, i'm 18 now and was planning on migrating from new york, to tokyo. But before that I was hoping to gain a little insight on this Conundrum Beckoned to be Disentangled.

So please, if you have any information at all feel free to reply. or you can e-mail me at Rahllo666@yahoo.com

Thank you,
by Rahllo  

. 2008/10/14 11:54
There aren't too many African-Americans in Japan. Most blacks in Japan are Africans. Most of the Americans are at the US military bases.
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......... 2008/10/14 13:34
Ok, I see. So if i waz to move there i should be ok right?
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You will be fine 2008/10/14 15:09
Yes, you should be ok. There are plenty of African Americans in Japan, I have met plenty while teaching English, but if you see an African-looking person, chances are they are from Nigeria or Ghana.
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~whooo 2008/10/14 16:00
that's good to know. i wanted to prove a point to my mother that not all people are evil, but you know how mothers are
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... 2008/10/14 16:21
i wanted to prove a point to my mother that not all people are evil, but you know how mothers are


You've lost me. African-Americans residents in Japan helps you prove a point how?
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Let me Raphrase.... 2008/10/14 16:36
well not realy prove a point, i take that back!!

more like i wanted to know the truth about a situation that caused us to have an argument.

which came up when I told her my plans for moving to Japan.

So, I'm sorry if I said Something Wrong
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. 2008/10/14 19:16
Rahllo, as mentioned, although the population density of foreign residents is not as huge as it is in New York, there are many African-Americans in Japan as there are other races and nationalities. In fact, to many Japanese people African Americans are quite popular due to their image of music and dance.

However, you shouldn't forget that to live here in Japan you need a proper visa, and to obtain a proper visa you usually need to be an exchange student or a person who already has a contract to work here. You also need to keep in mind that if you don't read, write and speak Japanese, living here can be a bit difficult for you.

Improve your skills and Japan might be an interesting place full of adventures.
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I See 2008/10/15 02:07
Uco, what you said about having a proper visa, suppose I'm not an Exchange Student nor am i going there for work would I still be able to obtain one? Don't they have someone who can speak both languages fluently that can help you to better communicate with other people?

Beto, I know exactly what you mean. It sucks to know that no matter what you do, or where you go someone will always look down on you.

All Because of a few bad apples. My dad is like that(self-racism).
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visa 2008/10/15 08:16
I think you are talking about an interpreting job, right? Professional interpreters usually have years of study in their field as well as being bilingual. It's not the kind of job you can just walk into.

Also, if you don't come on a student visa, you will need to meet the requirements for a working visa. One of those requirements is that you have graduated from university with a Bachelor's degree. If you have 3 or more years' experience in the job you wish to do in Japan you can get around that rule, but not otherwise.

Are you planning to go to university/ college?
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. 2008/10/15 08:28
Rahllo, you can learn all about visas and traveling to Japan at your local Japanese Embassy or Consulate which also have official websites.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say "Don't they have someone who can speak both languages fluently that can help you to better communicate with other people?" but practically anyone without serious criminal record and with enough money for food and shelter is free to travel to Japan for a trip within 90 days. You can hire interpreters by paying money, or you can just bring your own language book and try to find your way with gestures and smiles.

Anyway, at 18 you've got the whole future waiting for you, but nothing is easy. Study websites and guidebooks, get a job and earn your travel fees, and come see the world! By the way, are you sure you don't have "sightseeing" and "living" mixed up??
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I think I understand now 2008/10/15 11:22
Sira, I understand what you mean when you talk about the student visa.

I do plan on going to a university, I want to study Pychology, Physical Therapy, and Massage therapy.

But from what I Understand the demand for Foreign Psychologist is very low do to communication problems.

Besides the visa is for my girlfriend, she's not a student nor a worker.

Uco, That website you gave me Might come in handy thank you very much.

Oh, and yes I am talking about moving.lol
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. 2008/10/15 11:54
Rahilo, don't be mislead into thinking there are "plenty" of blacks in Japan. The only people who would think that are the same ones who think there are plenty of Asians in Alabama.

I don't have the numbers in hand but my guess is that blacks make up less than 0.5% of Japan's population. I live in the suburbs of Tokyo and I can count on one hand how many blacks I've seen around my area over the past year.
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. 2008/10/15 12:13
African-Americans make up less than 0.006% of Japan. Asians make up 0.9% of Alabama. Think about it.


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statistics 2008/10/15 19:17
The percentages may be small, but the point is, you will see other African-Americans/ Africans from time to time if you live in a large city in Japan. There may not be a lot, but there are some.

If you go to Roppongi on a Friday or Sunday night, you really will see plenty- a lot of African guys work handing out flyers promoting various bars and clubs.
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