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Buying an iPhone 2008/10/13 20:47
Hey there!
I don't want to name the location of the Softbank store I'm referring to until I know I am correct. Anyway, I have been in the market to get a 16gb iPhone. I have red several english articles on the internet and they all claim that Softbank is selling the 16gb iPhone for 34,560 yen with a 2 year contract. However, I went to a Softbank store asking for the iPhone. She told me that it is 750 dollars for the 16gig iPhone. I thought this was ridiculous and maybe she didn't know what she was talking about. I came the next day, different lady, same answer. 750 dollars for the iPod. This is the price WITH the 2 year contract. When I told her I heard the iPod touch was 350 dollars she was acting like she has never heard of this. Now, I can not read Japanese, but I'm pretty sure the website I had listed below says that the iPhone is 34,560 yen. Could someone please take a look at this and tell me if there is something I am missing. I thought maybe it was an american version of the iPhone in Japan, but that is not correct either. I went to the settings and all they did was change the language to english from the settings. This does not call for an additional 350 dollar mark-up. Haha! Anyway, if someone could take a look I'd greatly appreciate it!!!

by Matt  

. 2008/10/13 23:48
Whats your visa and expiration date?

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.... 2008/10/16 17:30
so you need to sign up a contract to get a good deal for an iphone?what about if you just wanna buy the phone only?
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... 2008/10/16 18:19

check out the link John posted.

If you are a tourist then you will not be able to purchase an iphone.

If you are a resident you can buy the phone for 80,000 yen without a plan. Be aware that Softbank and Japanese cell phone companies in general DO NOT unlock their phones.
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