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About the japan jumbo lottery 2008/10/19 04:31
i recieved an entry form for the japan jumbo lottory from a compony from the Netherlands,amsterdam I.T.O is the compony.It stands for International Ticketing Office is this a scam or is it true.
by eric thompson  

... 2008/10/19 07:56
It is very very likely to be a scam.
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About the japan jumbo lottery 2008/10/20 01:04
I would like to know if there's anyway of me entering the japan jumbo lottory other than being in japan to enter the lottory.I live in the caribbean and i would like to enter
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What Japanese jumbo lottery? 2008/10/20 07:20
I don't know of any "Japan jumbo lottery". The lottery here is very ordinary, and the prizes aren't that high compared with lotteries in other countries, and you are no more likely to win the Japanese lottery than you are any other country's lottery.

As Uji says, it sounds a lot like the email is part of a scam, for something that doesn't exist at all.
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... 2008/10/20 08:12
I think, it does exist. Isn't it the TV ad with Tokoro Joji about the Super Jumbo?

In any case, if you receive a mail about it from the Netherlands, it is most likely a scam. 99.99999% unsolicited messages about lotteries are scam.
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lottery 2008/10/20 08:28
Ah ok, is that what that one is called? Anyway, I can't see the point of going to the trouble of entering the Japanese lottery from overseas when it is no different to any other country's lottery, and the prizes aren't that huge. The biggest prizes in Japan seem to be about the equivalent of $6 million US.

Even in tiny New Zealand the lottery has prizes bigger than that quite regularly- there was a $30 million one just last weekend.
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Lotteries 2008/10/20 16:17
Ah, the number of times I haven't won that lottery! Japanese, Dutch, UK, I think I won them all.
If you didn't enter it yourself, it is a scam for sure to lure you into paying fees over and over again until you catch on. Just delete it or report it as a scam.

Have a look here to read up on the details:
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japan jumbo lottery 2008/11/2 21:52
hi!i'm just inquring about the authenticity of the japan jumbo lottery?i received notification in the normal mail that ive won some chances to win the above and itwas sent by a company called ITO short for international ticketing the lotto authentic???
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. 2008/11/2 22:10
The lotto might be real, but the letter is a SCAM. Read the internet about ITO you can clearly see it is.
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. 2008/11/2 22:11
Millie the only real chance you have winning is actually being in Japan and physically buying the ticket yourself at an authorized dealer.

Otherwise any letter/email or anything that says you have a chance is a SCAM. ITO is a proven scam company.
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Japan Jumbo Lottery 2009/7/9 14:01
Hello, I am from Hawaii and I have received the ITO JapanJumbo lottery thru the mail saying I was the lucky person to qualify for the final drawing in August. Is this a scam for sure? I was thinking of sending my fee hoping it is for real but now I have doubts.
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Is ITO Japan Jumbo Lottery a SCAM? 2009/7/9 14:26
I am the same person from Hawaii. I have read those previous postings dated in 2008 can somebody respond and post an updated respond to my question if this is really a scam?
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scam 2009/7/9 14:38
Seriously, do you really have to ask?

Go ahead and send in your registration fee, and you'll be put on a mailing list for other prizes you can "win". Its called a sucker's list.
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Thank You 2009/7/9 15:05
Thank you for clarifying and sure I will not waste my money for unecessary stuff. Thanks again for you input.
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np 2009/7/9 15:08
No problem, and pardon the sarcasm in my last post.

But better to keep your money safe from the scammers.
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Lotteries 2009/7/11 04:26
It is pretty simple: if you haven't entered an online lottery drawing, any email telling you that you have won something is a scam. Even if you have bought a ticket in that lotery, you usually don't give your email address, so any email regarding wins are highly suspicious. Of course, in the global bad economy a lot of people can use a windfall and the lottery spam business is exploiting that. They'll ask you for a relatively small fee, small enough for people to take a chance. What if it were true!? The problem is that they keep asking for fee or expense after fee until you finally get wise. Better to ignore them.
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Result of Japan Jumbo Dec10 Result 2011/1/8 17:00
Dear Uji san

I just got back from Japan. During my visit I saw many people queue to buy the Japan Jumbo Lottery for Dec10.

Where can I find the Result of Japan Jumbo Dec10 Result.

Appreciate if you can help me with this. I am trying to find the website but unsuccessful.

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... 2011/1/8 19:08
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