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where to buy International parcel box 2008/10/23 19:18

I need to send about 30kg worth of stuff back to my country and the boxes available in the post office is just too small.

does anyone know where to get bigger box that can be use for international mail?

here are the measurement requirement,

(a)Length 1.5m or less
(b)Base + (c)width

a + (b+c)x2= 3m or less.

and i dont understand it as well. if someone can help me with this.

by yoshimi  

You can 2008/10/24 10:35
just go to the supermarket and take one from them. Most supermarkets will have a stack of boxes near the enterance which are free to take. Just find one that suits the measuremeants, tape it up and you are done. Just make sure that you use clear labels when labeling it as it will make it easier for the post office to read.
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Cartons 2008/10/24 10:50

If you want something really sturdy, try a DIY store or somewhere like Tokyu Hands.
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Thank you guys~ 2008/10/24 17:35
hey! thank you guys for helping me! now i have a MUCH clearer idea of where to get them.

thank you thank you!
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split 2008/10/24 19:00
When I sent back that amount of stuff, I separated it into two boxes...
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