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Hiragana Times/ Kodomo asahi 2008/10/23 21:40
As a Subscriber of Hiragana Times, I recieve the magazine every month, especially living overseas.

How is it with kodomo asahi? Is it possible to get this newspaper monthly especially living outside Japan? Or is this only for Japan?

Thank you
by Kage  

... 2008/10/24 17:19
OCS handles overseas delivery of Japanese papers. Please check this site.
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:) 2008/10/24 20:51
Thank you so much JLady. This really helped me a lot. Thank you.

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J-newspaper for Intermediate J-lerners 2008/10/24 21:10
hmmm...Are there other J-Newspaper specially for Japanese language lerners?

How about Europe?
Any other ''easy to read'' newspaper that can be delivered to europe like Hiragana Times?
Kodomo Asahi is good. Does anybody know if this newspaper can be delivered outside Japan?

(Since my Kanjis are limited, therfore unable to understand what the website says)
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