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Any WW1 stuff in hobby stores? 2008/10/25 11:30
I love all things WW1 (mostly the air combat bit) and I wondered if hobby shops in Japan has any WW1 models.But due to the fact that WW2 is more popular than WW1 (grrr!),I would think that WW1 models would be harder to find in hobby stores.It could be any model with as long as it is WW1.

This may seem stupid to put this on a website about Japan but Im gonna do it anyways.Heres a quote from Manfred Von Richthofen (The Red Baron)

"A glorious death!
Fight on and fly on to the last drop of blood
and the last drop of petrol
-to the last beat of the heart and the last kick of the motor;a death for a knight
-a toast for his fellows,friend and foe."

(V.Richthofen refferring to a British B.E.2c 2-seater,flying with a dead crew.)
by Herr Hauptmann  

? 2008/10/26 10:04
I guess it stands to reason....

Japan was not involved in WW1, didn't make it's own aircraft, so it's hardly surprising that any WW1 aircraft models are foreign and therefore not very popular in Japan.
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... 2008/10/26 11:27
Japan was involved in WW1, mainly fighting the Germans in the Pacific Ocean. Outside the city of Naruto on Shikoku is a museum and monument about a former local camp where German prisoners of war were held. But there are no models on sale there.
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... 2008/10/26 12:31
Japan was involved in WW1 a little. The Army attacked and occupied German settlement at Tsingtao. Destroyers of the Navy were sent to Mediterranean Sea and escorted troop transports against German submarines.
But, for most of the Japanese WW1 was a war in far country. They called the war European War(Bj. A few of them regarded the war as a business chance.

Some amateur of biplane are in Japan. But most of amateurs of warplane are interested in WW2. It may be the reason that these biplanes in WW1 were not made in Japan.
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4 WW1 airplanes + 1 2008/10/26 21:15
F-toys has a 1/144 scale "Work Shop" collection that earlier this year(or late last year) released vol. 12, "Biplane Collection". There are 4 aircraft in that set, a Fairey Swordfish, Type 93 Intermediate Trainer(Yokosuka K5Y1?), and 2 WW1 aircraft, a SPAD S.VII and a Albatros D.III, which both can be found in 2 different markings. A "secret" aircraft is in that set, but it seems to have been a Swordfish with it's wings folded. All aircraft are pre-painted and a few will have water-transfer decals. For the most part, they are already assembled with a few (3 or 2) parts to put together and they have a simple display stand. The box is small, white and orange with 2 photos of the model airplanes on it, and about 350 or 400 yen each. You never know which aircraft of the set is in the box. Many stores in Akihabara and Den Den Town will sell the aircraft out of the box, the popular ones at a higher price, and the not so popular ones at a lower price. Sorry, not sure how popular the WW1 aircraft are.

There was another company that last year had a collection of die-cast airplanes with a Curtiss JN-4 "Jenny" in a 1/100 scale. This one maybe a little harder to find.

Then there are 2 Hasegawa kits of WW1 aircraft. The first is a Fokker Dr.1 "Triplane" in a 1/8 scale. The other may not be available any more and I think it was a British Sopwith F.1 "Camel", but not really sure. Both were very expensive, "museum style-cut away" kits.
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Danke! 2008/10/27 05:14
Thanks for the info.I heard of the Hasegawa kits,and yes,they are expensive,about $800-$900.
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