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What are these coupons from Ito-Ya? 2008/10/25 19:10
So, I went kind of nuts at Ito-Ya today and spent about 12000 yen on stickers and stationary and paperclip! When I got back to my hotel and unpacked, I discovered I had gotten -- along with a bunch of receipts -- things that look like coupons: small tabs of paper, in slightly different colors, with 100, 50 or 10 printed at the top. Is this a coupon I can use next time I'm there? Or is it something else? Thanks!
by Emily Peters  

Yes! 2008/10/25 22:48
You can use them at every shop such as Ginza, Shinjyuku,
Shibuya ...etc. as 100, 50 and 10yen respectively
when you visit Ito-Ya next time.
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