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unique baby gifts 2008/10/27 16:46
I am in search of unique baby gifts. Can anyone recommend some websites since I don't live in Japanese and don't know Japanese, don't know where to start.
by Diana  

unique? 2008/10/28 17:54
what do you mean by unique? Just something particular to Japan?

As far as I know most of the children in Japan share the same toys as we do... at least in Tokyo. There's a few simple toys that I can think of.

Darumatoshi is a stack of wooden blocks, on top is a head, and then a small wooden mallet. The goal is to knock each block away without making the stack crash.

Then there's the small, handheld drum with two balls each attached to a seperate string and when you roll it between you palm it plays.

Then there's the wooden clappers.

These are all traditional toys. Kids these days would rather play with a Nintendo DS or play war with a deck of cards. But on special occasions you might spot them.

here's some more info:

here's where you might buy it.. but i don't trust it. I would find a toy you like first then search for it.
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