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best Japanese PC 2008/10/28 13:15
What's considered to be the best Japanese PC brand? I want a laptop. I'm looking at NEC, which is hard to find in America. Right now I'm stuck with an HP Pavilion.

I'm hoping to travel there after I graduate so I can go to Bic Camera and get it..
by UreshiiMiko  

Toss up 2008/10/28 19:22
I think it's a toss up between Toshiba Quosmio or something and Sony Vaio. BTW, the only difference between Japanese and American laptops are the keyboard-still qwery but with slight changes on layout of other characters and the os which is in japanese (no english). Unless you partition your drive for an English OS, using an English OS invalidates the warranty.
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. 2008/10/28 19:31
Yea... I've used Japanese computers before. I had to get used to the keyboard... but dealt with it.

When I went computer shopping in Japan, compared to America it seemed more advanced. All the screens looked crisp, they had more color choices... the NEC desktops had HD with TV on it. and were compact like Mac desktops.

I didn't look at the computer stats. But they sure looked fancier.
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. 2008/10/29 03:18
It is up to you what is best.

If you want a fully-featured but lightest (under 1kg) laptop, Panasonic
(Let's Note) is the only choice.

If you want a gorgeous laptop, Toshiba or NEC is a safe choice.

If you want a cutting-edge model that other manufacturers can never
follow, Sony may satisfy you (but it may get out of order in a year...)
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