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laptop which can work in dubai and japan 2008/10/29 02:23
is there any laptop in english version which can be used in japan and also in dubai so i dont need to keep with me two laptops
by mahar  

. 2008/10/29 15:14
Laptops should work anywhere in the world no matter what country it is made in. As long as you have the proper electrical converter to recharge your battery it should work the same in Japan, Dubai and in outer space.
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just need the power cable 2008/10/30 03:16
if you look at most laptop power adapters they can support a very wide range of voltages. Just checked & my Acer is good for between 100 & 240 volts. So all you would need would be the cable from the adaptor to the plug socket if thats different between Dubai & Japan
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One laptop is enough 2008/10/30 07:09
I have used my ordinary Mac laptop in several countries. All modern laptops should have built in transformers for the change in voltage, all you need is a plug adaptor.
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