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Train from Narita Airport to Sapporo 2008/10/30 14:13
Is there a cheap and easy train service from Narita airport to Sapporo? Where can i find this information? I am an Australian citizen, is there a discounted fare?
by Jess  

No 2008/10/30 20:46
Jess, Narita to Sapporo is at best 4 trains and you would need an early start to do it in a day. Happy to help fellow Aussies. Can provide contact if you need to ask lots of questions. Have been to Sapporo twice.
by RodW rate this post as useful

depend on u 2008/11/2 00:06
I just been to saporo from Narita airport.

Mate its all depend on whether you have the time or not. But I will give u a bit of suggestion, take the plane is so much faster only 1,5 hours and the cost can be cheaper than the train.

If you can read japanese you can buy in advance the Air Do plane ticket (which they share flying code with ANA) but is so much cheaper. Only the web site are all in Japanese and they only fly from Haneda.

Sometimes it work out cheaper to fly from Haneda airport. You could calculate as the limosine bus from Narita to Haneda airport cost around 3000 yen perperson.

If you gonna take train it took ages more than 14 hours.

anyway hope this help. Sapporo is good man.. you must go and see it. Its like WA really quite, unlike tokyo which likes Sydney.

Have a good trip mate...
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railpass 2008/11/2 00:45
I understand that we will have to head to euno station. For the night train, will there still be any other extra charge incurred even if i'm using the 21day rail pass? I'm referring to the hokuteseitrain
by cyphon rate this post as useful

... 2008/11/2 08:46
I recommend to buy a Japan Air Pass and fly directly from Narita Airport to Sapporo. But note that there are not many direct flights between Narita and Sapporo.

Otherwise, transfer to Haneda and take a flight from there.

Your other options are explained here:
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