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Crossdressing in Japan 2008/11/3 02:32

I am a Cross dresser/Transvestite from England and I am going to Japan for 13 days from November 15th.

I was wondering how well Cross Dressing is accepted in Japan, and if I would be ok to walk the streets dressed?

As a Transvestite, I am very convincing as a girl and I do pass well (even though I do get read like most other TVs).

I am 5ft 7", very slim, with a UK size 5 shoe size and currently weigh just under 9 stone - so I am not your average Transvesitite!

My Japanese itinerary is as follows:

Tokyo 3 nights (from 16th Nov)
Nikko 2 nights
Kyoto 5 nights
Hakone 2 nights
Narita 1 night

I am staying in Shinjinku for my three nights in Tokyo and my hotel is near the Shinjinku JR station, so I am aware that I am close to the gay district which is also in Shinjinju.

It is during my three-night stay in Tokyo, where I would look to dress the most.

If anyone could please recommend any bars (in Tokyo) that a well dressed, and convincing looking TV like myself would be welcomed, then please let me know.
by Sarah  

.... 2008/11/4 04:28
I've seen some very bad crossdressers in japan. I think you won't stand out too much. There are other freaky people there too.
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Crossdressing in Japan 2008/11/4 14:09
Hi Sarah. Japan is very tv safe and friendly so you will be ok wherever you go.
If you walk alone in Shinjuku kabukicho and nichome at night you will get hit on by drunk salarymen.
Jan June is a tv friendly bar in Shinjuku but there are many more.
Email me at paokun_2005 AT yahoo.co.jp if you need more details and tips in Tokyo.
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Saw a tv in asakusa 2008/11/4 22:44
Hello, I stayed in Japan in October 2008 and saw a man in a *very* short skirt walking down the street. I'm not sure if he was trying to cross-dress or not. He had nice legs though. :) Anyway, no one stared at him or anything. I think you'd get stared at more for being foreign than anything else.
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