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Red Cliff 2008/11/4 07:49
John Woo's Red Cliff is now playing in theaters in Japan. I want to see it but AFAIK it's in Mandarin with Japanese subtitles. Does anyone know where I could see it with English subtitles?
by Densha  

... 2008/11/4 08:23
Where in Japan are you located?
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... 2008/11/4 09:05
I just saw Red Cliff on Saturday. It was only showing with Japanese Subtitles or dubbed into Japanese.

Since my Japanese comprehension is low, I familiarized myself with the story beforehand and brought a copy of the wikipedia article with me to refer to during the movie. The storyline was pretty easy to follow this way.
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In Tokyo 2008/11/4 09:06
I'm in Tokyo. I thought about going to see it at the Tokyo International Film Festival but the ads didn't say anything about English subtitles, just Japanese subtitles. I'd rather see it on a big screen than rent a DVD.
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... 2008/11/4 09:09
Also, I will be released worldwide in 2009 in english. However, the two 2hour movies will be condensed down to one 2.5 hr movie so there will be a lot cut out of that version.
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Blue Ray 2008/11/4 21:03
It's already out in blu ray dvd with English title but I was hoping to see it in a theater. Oh, well. :(
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... 2008/11/5 10:05
the 2009 release will be shown in theaters, but again since it is cut down it probably isn't what you want to see.
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