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where can i buy car childseat? 2008/11/4 15:22
Where is the best place to buy a child car seat? or even rent. I am living in Higashi Koenji (not far from Shinjuku).
I may only be in Japan for 1/2 years.
by Jasbir67  

car seat 2008/11/4 16:19
try any deparment stores they should have them or try looking for baby/ children specialty shops
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toys r us or akachan honpo 2008/11/5 10:22
Cheapest places for car seats would be branches of Toys R Us - there are several scattered around Tokyo, eg Odaiba, Ikebukuro, Kameido - I don't know which would be closest for you, but there is a list of all the Japanese branches here:

Or try Akachan Honpo - discount store for baby and child equipment. There's a branch in Gotanda, which might be easy for you to get to.
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thanks very helpful 2008/11/5 12:18
Thanks both for the informaion i did not even know Toy R us were in Japan. It the place to start.
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Akachan Honpo 2009/1/3 04:51
Does anyone know what is the membership fee for Akachan Honpo. Thank you
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no membership needed 2009/1/4 07:38
I think Akachan Honpo no longer requires you to be a member to shop there. They do still have members cards, but I think the cards are now more for loyalty points. I certainly haven't used (or been asked for) a card the last few times I went there.
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