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Philosophers walk - hanging mobile shop? 2008/11/5 17:02
Kyoto City
There is a store on the Philosophers Walk in Kyoto that sells amazing hanging origimi (inside a ball) mobiles. I want to try and purchase one online. I have been on the website before but can't remember the address! On the box the label says 'Yurari YuraYura kinutemari'. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated :) (In Australia.)
by Carolyn  

can you wait 2008/11/11 09:08
can you wait until April???!!!!!
I want to find it : sounds great..(also in Aus)
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no luck 2009/4/24 18:48
Hi Carolyn
We walked the full length of the Path 10 days ago and unfortunately couldn't find your shop; we were very busy looking at Cherry Blossoms but I was very definitely looking out for it as I also wanted to see the mobiles and possibly buy one: but no luck..sorry.
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yurari yura yura kinutemari??? 2009/6/19 14:03
I am looking for them too to buy from the US and have had no luck googling.
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I know it 2009/6/21 12:56
I walked the Philosophers Path on about 10th April this year and the shop is still there - have seen it before - even went inside last time, wanted to buy but worried about transporting back to Australia so resisted temptation...
It's on the right hand side if you walk from Ginkakuji end.
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oops!! 2009/6/21 18:39
Ops Lynda, looks like we weren't looking too well..how far down? We did deviate off a little bit around Honen-In each time, as it is one of our favourite temples, but couldn't see the shop looking back. Is that the section where it is?
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... 2009/6/21 19:11
I see many entries about this "kinu temari" (silk sphere/ball ornament) in Japanese blogs, and it seems to be popular, but when I search for the shop "Kaze no yakata," whose name is often mentioned, my browser returns "server not found" message.

Maybe the shop changed hands and changed its name - or just updating their website. They surely had two shop locations along the Philosopher's Path. Their products seem to be popular, so I'm sure they'll turn up again :)

In Asakusa, Tokyo, there seems to be a shop that sells at least *similar* ornaments. Because of the fragile nature of the ornament, I think shipping outside Japan could be difficult, though.
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brain wave 2009/6/21 20:18
I had a brain wave and managed to find the website of the shop! http://www.kazenoyakata.co.jp/company2.html I had bought some before and they travelled fine when packed carefully. Now i just need to find someone to translate to see if i can order to Australia :)
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... 2009/6/21 20:59
That's the site I cannot access - the browser returns a "server not found" message. Can you access it at all??
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I can 2009/6/22 06:59
I can access it: using Safari on an ibook: looks familiar too..oops again...will go next year: Carolyn we are going back in October/November 2010: let me know (I'm in Melbourne) if that helps
I'll see if I can get family to translate it for you
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Not post overseas 2009/6/27 22:22
Hi All,
I had a friend email the shop, and he translated their reply for me, and replied as follows:

京都・哲学の道 風の館

I regret to say the shop in Tetsugaku no michi doesn't post overseas!! Its all there in the third line:
''Thank you for your email.
With great apologies, our shop does not deliver to overseas.
When you can come to Kyoto, please present yourself at our store.''
Kyoto, Tetsugaku no michi, Kazenokan.

Oh well, all the more reason to go back.
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Re: Philosophers walk - hanging mobile shop? 2011/12/12 12:49
The shop is called Kaze no Yakata and is one the left as you head towards Ginkakuji on the Philosophers Path. It is just before Ginkakuji, so if you wish to visit, you should probably take a bus to Ginkakujimichi and then walk it from there. Absolutely beautiful handicrafts...

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