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good online website for fashion? 2008/11/6 20:06
is there any good recommendation other than rakuten and yahoo?
by reiko73  

try this one 2008/11/7 10:07
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jshoppers 2008/11/12 00:53
Try Jshoppers, jshoppers.com. They ship to Europe and USA/Canada, and many other countries. They have many sizes from Japanese S to 10L.
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hm... 2008/11/13 01:14
I found the lolita kisama website that as a lot of vk fashion sweaters, and the clothes are really good. ANd they aren't too expensive.
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Yesstyle 2008/11/13 06:11
yesstyle.com is also pretty decent. I've ordered from there a few times and have been pretty satisfied. They have styles from Japan, South Korea, And China/Taiwan.
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good online website for fashion 2008/11/14 12:29
thank you to all dearies out there. will check out the websites :)
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marui one 2008/11/28 22:56
If you are into such things as street fashion and gothic lolita, another good website is http://maruione.jp/ it ships to 130 countries worldwide and is also in English.
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