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Rock, Punk, Pop music in Tokyo club? 2008/11/7 06:00
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi everyone and thanks for having a look at my question!
I'll visit Japan in December with 7 friends and I really don't have a clue where to go for a club or bar!
Best places would be around Ikebukuro or Shibuya, Shinjuku. I would love to hear YOUR favourit location (maybe with an internet adress)! Thank you so much!

Yours Momo
by Ichigomomo  

Metal and Hard Rock 2008/11/9 04:14
I've been to Tokyo two times and had some hard times finding good rock clubs because these days there seems to be more popular with hip hop, r&b and reggae in Japan. Anyway, there is this really nice tiny rock bar in Shinjuku called "Goth". No it's not a place for goth people but a social, friendly and easygoing bar with a huge cinema screen that plays various music videos from bands like Metallica and so on. Had a blast there and really recommend it. Difficult to explain where it is but guess you can try and ask a few people when you are there :)

If you are young there is a visual kei, jrock club around that area too, but it was only emo and goth kids there and nothing that was interesting for me :)
by hjoakim rate this post as useful

THANK YOUUUU! 2008/11/11 02:23

Thank you so much for your reply! I lived in Tokyo for a year and I've never found a really good club -__-;;;;; So I'm always happy about hints!!!
So "Goth" sounds REALLY nice to me!!! Is there mostly Metal Music or is there a good mix?
Maybe you could just give me a small hint where to go first? Shinjuku has a hell of exits ^__~ and because I know Shinjuku a bit I might be able to follow your instructions ^^;;
Emos . . . no thanks O__o . . . I have ebough of them in Germany *laugh*
by Ichigomomo rate this post as useful

hmmm 2008/11/15 04:51
All I can say it's in Kabuki-cho hehe ^^

It's in a basement and you can see a small neon sign amongst allot of other ones. hmmm, If I had a map or good pictures around the streets of kabuki-cho it would be easier. But from the station to kabuki-cho it's just to keep walking straight and look at every corner of the houses for a neon sign saying ''goth'' haha! Does it help? They play everything from rock to metal and have allot of books with songs so you can make requests! Really nice to be able to hear your favourite songs! :D

My recommendation is to go to harajuku and Takeshita Street, go into one of the many tiny rock/punk cloth stores and look for flyers or ask the staff if they know any good clubs or bars. If you are lucky, like I was, you end up with a bunch of wacky japanese people who can show you around :D

But really there should be a guide for this! I usually check this site for events. You can search by type of music and clubs :)

Also recommend a nice bar in shinjuku called ''Kyu'' bar. Located near hanazono-shrine I think it was

It's a really really tiny but very social and a good way to meet some nice people. I hanged out at that bar almost every night for 2 weeks and was also lucky to meet a beautiful woman there that saved my vacation ;)

Anyway the owner is called Peppe and if you ever find the bar say hi from me, Joakim from Sweden and he probably know who I am haha! :D

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THANKS! 2008/11/18 02:29
Wow! Thank you so much for your help! The only way for a good map would be to check google maps. They have a new feature with which you have a 3D look around the streets (Street view). Maybe you can find it ^__~ Would be really nice to go there!!!

Of course I will say to him if I meet him! ^___^ Thank you so much!
Best wishes

by Ichigomomo rate this post as useful

J-Rock Club AREA 2008/11/19 18:41
In Takadanobaba, which is 1 or 2 exits before Ikebukuro there is a j-rock club called AREA. I went last March and saw 5 bands for like $30.

you can check here for a translated schedule.
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sorry more to add 2008/11/19 18:44
sorry I forgot to say that the exit is off the Yaminote Line. and copy/paste the whole line of text not just the link part. Good luck.
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THANK YOU! 2008/11/19 20:54
Thank you so much ^____^ You're great!!!
by Ichigomomo rate this post as useful

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