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Japanese knife in Tokyo? 2008/11/7 06:13
Hi! On my next trip to Tokyo I would like to buy a Japanese style kitchen knife. Do you have a recommondation for a good shop?
Thank you!!!

by Ichigomomo  

... 2008/11/7 09:12
Department stores usually carry a good selection of kitchen knives, usually a mix of brands like Henckels (not Japanese I know) and Global along with more traditional styled Japanese brands.

There are also a number of cutlery vendors around Tsukiji that are pretty interesting:


Or check out Kappabashi, the restaurant supply district:

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THANK YOU! 2008/11/7 18:35
Thank you very much! I've never thought of Kappabashi street!!!! ^____^ You saved me!
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Asakusa 2008/11/8 08:15
There is also a good knife shop in Asakusa.

It's on Kaminarimon Dori(North side), about 2 blocks west of Nakamise on the corner of one of the streets(Chinyoko Dori, or the next street along, I think)

It has a good selection of nice knives, including folded steel knives.
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Thank you sooo much! 2008/11/8 17:41
Thank you soooo much! It's really nice of you all to help me! ^////^ I hope I'll find a good kitchen knife there!
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Perhaps 2008/11/8 22:12
Kiya is the most famous knife shop in Tokyo.

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Arigatou! 2008/11/11 02:25
Thank you so much! m-___-m
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Japanese Knife Shops in Tokyo 2011/7/5 13:34
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Tsukiji 2011/7/6 09:05
We bought a fantastic knife at Tsukiji Market. In the restaurant area inside the market at the end of one of the alleys, closer to the bus area. The guy spent 20 mins sharpening it for us before he would sell it: we thought it was already lethal! He was really helpful, with minimal Japanese on our behalf and a little English on his: we plan on buying another next trip.
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THANKS 2011/7/6 15:19
That's a great idea! Thank you!
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