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Can a router from Canada works in Japan? 2008/11/7 11:10
Last minute question, please help !

I will be visiting someone in Japan from Canada.

Try not to cause any inconvenience, I will bring my own laptop for my own use.

My friend has an internet connection at home. What I want to know is, if I bring a router from Canada, will it work in Japan?
Does it requires a special setup or just plug-in and you are set?

Thanks in advance.
by green tea  

... 2008/11/7 12:11
Ask your friend if he has an empty port on his router. If so then you can probably just bring a Lan cable instead of the entire router.

Also find out if your friends internet is always on or requires him to log in to use, as I have friends here with the login type and was unable to get my laptop on their network without installing software.

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Routers, HUBs, switches, etc.. 2008/11/8 17:42
yllwsmrf asks the correct questions indeed, without an answer to those questions it is going to be difficult to give a reliable answer. Try to find out how your friend is connected.

It is possible that a cheap mini switch or mini-HUB give you a couple of extra ports to connect computer hardware to, but only if his/her modem and router takes care of the connection setup. If he had WiFi on his router, it would be awfully easy of course :-)
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. 2008/11/8 21:25
Routing function should work.

If the router has a modem of ADSL/cable/etc it may not work.

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it works 2008/11/9 01:15
it works fine, internet is no different here than anywhere else in the world. there are internet standards everyone complies with.

you will have to plug his internet connection (from the modem) into your router. this will require that he give you the user name and password of his dsl account (or fiber optic if he uses that) so that you can configure your router.

make sure you learn how to configure your router properly before getting here, since there is a big lack of english help and english speaking tech people like me are expensive and only available in the big cities.
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not that easy 2008/12/22 01:16
hey everyone! i have the same question. got some weeks ago to Japan with my european router. theres a modem in the apartament and pc connects via pppoe connection. in Europe to make it work i just need to unplug "line" cable and plug it into router. however, its not that easy as theres no way to unplug the line cable without breaking plastic cover of the modem. after i opened modem i still cant see where does cable end as there are many somekinda adaptors which confuses me even more. switch would not solve the problem as 1 computer is a laptop with windows vista and 2nd one mac. please, help!
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kakao 2008/12/22 01:33
My friend does not have a router, and only has one port in the modem, thus I need to unplug the lan cable from his laptop and plug it in into mine. Yes, you will need a login name and password to connect to the internet, ask your friend for that. But I do not need to install any software.
That should work for you.
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1 is not enough 2008/12/22 09:44
well, the idea was to connect more than 1 pc at the same time. solution you provided is quite easy and obvious but that wasnt the question in the first place :(
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... 2008/12/22 10:10

Green Tea's solution could work for you. Routers can act as a splitter allowing you to share one internet connection on different computers. If your router has more than one ethernet port on it then you can plug the router into the wall and then plug more than one computer into the router. Then make a new pppoe network connection setting, enter the connection info (ip, username, password, etc.), and go.

If your router doesn't have multiple ports then I'd suggest buying a hub. It'll split the internet like the router and are pretty cheap.
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