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Japanese Bicycles 2008/11/8 09:18
I really miss them.. does anyone know if there is a website or a method of purchasing Japanese bicycles online, or to import them? I cannot find bicycles like that anywhere here. I used to live in Japan, now I am moved to Australia. We do not have bicycles anything like back in Japan.. and I am wondering how I can get my hands on one from here. Any information or tips wil help. Thank you.
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Amazon.com 2008/11/8 20:28
Look under the cycling catalog on Amazon.com's web page or do a Google searh for Jamis bicycles. You'll find much better bikes than the grocery bikes sold here in Japan. You just need to add a basket in front--available on the Amazon site.

They are much easier to ride and don't have squeaky brakes.
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Still searching 2008/11/9 04:05
I just had a quick look.. the bicycles on their site is not what I am looking for.. the shape and structure is not the same like Japanese bicycle.. and those were most comfortable and nicest to ride in my opinion. I am looking for the japanese bicycles also ecause they hve the nice locking system.. I don't think the bicycles on Amazon have that feature. But thanks anyway.
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Opinion 2008/11/9 08:53
I suppose it's all a matter of opinion :)

I find the Japanese are heavy, have squeaky brakes, not many (or any) gears, and the actual steering setup is all wrong(makes them wobbly to steer). My 11yo daughter can pick up my alloy frame mountain bike with 3 fingers, but she cannot pick up my wife's Japanese bike AT ALL!!!!

If you like mainly the locking, I'm sure you can get just the lock, maybe on the internet from Japan. And so far as comfort is concerned, just buy a WIDE comfortable seat/saddle, which you can buy in Australia!!!
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Thankyou 2008/11/9 09:38
Thanks.. for the lock and seat I will have a look around. But it's also the height of the handle bars to the seat.. I've tried many bicycles stores here but I can't find one with the same feeling as my bike in Japan. I'll keep trying. Thanks!
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ebay 2008/12/17 11:44
keep a watch on ebay.com.au, the bicycle volume from private sellers is really quite high there, dont expect to nail what you want immediately, may take weeks, maybe sit down and carefully consider several 'saved searches" to keep watch for you, these would have keywords you would imagine someone selling such a particular Japanese bike ( which has found its way to Australia by returning tourist, for example) would be likely or sure to include in any likely ad title...such as "Japanese Shopping bike"...dont go for too many keywords which if you tick 'all of these words" may disqualify suitable listings for sake of one missing word...dont use too few or too general, or you will be receiving too many false alarms, items which dont really suit you but still satisfy your keywords search criteria.
Be patient. If one comes up, decide the max you are prepared to pay, and cover it up to that amount. Remember also, most 2nd hand bikes on ebay are pickup only, ie, the owner does not want to freight to another city, it must be local to you to collect from that sellers home.
Id be surprised if what you are looking for will not come up, sooner or later.
Hell, maybe it will be me selling it.
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