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ferry between Aomori & Wakinosawa? 2008/11/9 03:23
I'll be in Aomori in April next year, and wanted to see the Hotokegaura coast in Shimokita Hanto. I known there is ferry service from Kanita to Wakinosawa, but I've found references to a direct ferry between Aomori and Wakinosawa and/or Sai. Does anyone know if this route still exists and the company, cost, schedule, etc?

Thanks for any and all replies and comments.
by mike  

... 2008/11/9 11:42
Yes, the ferry route still exists.

Here is the official website in Japanese:

There are two ferries per day:

Departing Aomori: 9:40, 15:20
Departing Wakinosawa: 8:30, 14:00

The one way trip takes 55 minutes and costs 2540 yen.
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follow up question 2008/11/12 21:21
Thanks for the info; it helps a ton.

I have a follow up question: I'm guessing this isn't the company that runs the tours along the Hotokegaura coastline.

Do you know by chance which company it is and its contact info? I'd like to make sure I have a boat to meet in Wakinosawa... Thanks in advance.
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... 2008/11/13 08:07
I don't know about bus tours along the coast, but note that the ferries (ony some of them during winter) from Aomori to Wakinosawa actually continue running beyond Wakinosawa along the Hotokegaura coast to Sai, close to Cape Oma. I don't know, however, whether the views of the coast are enjoyable from the ferry.
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