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Location of US Marine base 2008/11/9 08:17
Does anyone know the name of the city/town in which the US Marine base is located? I would like to surprise my nephew next month. I believe it may start with the letter "Y", but I'm not sure about that.
by Sally May  

There are several 2008/11/9 14:52
Do you know what island? Or what cuty it's close to? The only base starting with a "Y" I can think of that would have a sizable Marine contingent would be Yokosuka Naval Base. But there are Marine bases on Honshu, Kyushu and Okinawa that I know of.
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. 2008/11/9 20:44
Major US Bases beginning with Y in Japan:

Yokosuka - US NAVY

As mentioned there are many bases spreadthroughout Japan, though the large concentration of Marine bases are in Okinawa, though none have a name that start with Y.

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Iwakuni 2008/11/9 21:06
It's probably probably Iwakuni. It's a Marine base in southern Japan in the city of Iwakuni. It's the only major Marine base in mainland Japan that I know of.
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Yokosuka 2009/1/20 08:17
US Marines ARE currently stationed at Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan.
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