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Best Japanese rain umbrella 2008/11/11 14:37
I saw a tv show/documentary about a world famous japanese umbrella maker. They make hand made umbrellas that are considered world class. The company is like 100 years old. Does anyone have any information as to what is the name of the company, I would really like to get one of their umbrellas.
by monkey90640  

Hiyoshiya? 2008/11/17 18:59
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Wow, Thank you 2008/11/19 03:25
I found this shop while wandering around Kyoto last year. My sisters daughter had asked me to buy her an umbrella while on holiday and I told her I couldnt afford the ones I liked. Now I can at least show her the ones I liked. Eventually I bought her a nice, but much cheaper one. Which she liked.
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best umbrella 2009/2/9 07:04
I believe you are probably referring to MAEHARA umbrellas. I wish I knew where to get one myself!
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OT great umbrella 2009/2/9 23:52
I bought a great umbrella at the 100 store. I am surprised at the quality, I still have it.
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