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Japanese cyber clothing brands? 2008/11/12 21:35
Hey all, was just looking for some help really, as cyber fashion isn't covered on most of the online fashion guides and i wanted to find out a few Japanese cyber clothing brands. I found Fotus' website already...any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Takuya Angel is quite popular... 2009/2/6 15:43
I'm quite partial to Takuya Angel. They mix cyber and traditional japanese elements (like using kimono fabrics). There is also Quite Frash (more gothy than cyber, but still some stuff there). And lastly, I know there's a sub-brand of H.Naoto called Gouk that has a lot of assymetrical cybery stuff; it reminds me of FDCO and other canadain cyber companies, but they also try to incorporate traditional japanese fabrics.

I know a lot of the popular ''cyber'' brands worn in Japan (other than Fotus, and Takuya Angel) aren't from Japan. A lot of people wear Swear shoes, and Cyberdog and Jupiter clothing.

I would also like to know if there are more than these heh... I love Fotus and Takuya Angel, but it's quite expensive.
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