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Princess Mononoke? 2008/11/13 09:51
Hey, I'm looking to buy some Princess Mononoke gifts for my boyfriend. He really likes the Kodama in the movie. Does anyone know of a good anime toy store? One that might also sell Naruto stuff? And that's not Kiddyland?

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Mandarake 2008/11/13 17:17
Check out the Mandarake stores in Shibuya (Tokyo) or Osaka, or rummage through the tons of small anime shops in Akihabara (Tokyo). Mononoke-hime is a rather old film, and therefore the toys and models might have become collectables and have become expensive.
If you prefer online shopping, checkout otaku.com, for instance: http://www.otaku.com/cgi-bin/productlist.asp?catsearch=&sdse...
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pp 2008/11/13 21:48
You could try the Ghibli Museum in Kichijoji for Princess M stuff. Dunno about Naruto.
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... 2008/11/14 11:17
Ghibli Merchandise can be bought at any number of stores and department stores, although the selection is usually hit or miss. There doesn't seem to be an official studio store that carries everything, rather a lot of smaller private stores with limited selection.

One of the best and easiest to find that I know of is in Asakusa. It is the corner store directly to the right of the big lantern as you face it.

As for the Ghibli Museum (located in Mitaka), the museum itself is great and I highly recommend it, just not for its store. I was really disappointed as the store was fairly small and didn't have much of a selection.

check out these pages:

Ghibli Museum, Mitaka:



(the store mentioned is to the right of the top picture on this page)

Btw, any good Ghibli store will carry at least a little Princess Mononoke merchandise although the majority of the items on sale will be from Totoro and whatever the latest films happen to be. I recommend that if you see something you like you should buy it then, because you probably won't be able to find it again and if you do it will be the same price, and Ghibli stuff is always a little expensive.
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