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Japanese hair 2008/11/17 17:03
Could any one tell me. What do Japanese women use on there hair to make it look so nice? Also is eating seaweed part of there secret for shiny hair? The reason I am asking is the ends of my hair are very dry. I eat seaweed very often and tried different products but my hair is still a problem. I would really appreciate some advice.Although I don't have much money so I need to know Japanese traditional remedies If possible.
by Alicia1  

R U serious 2008/11/18 09:49
After 5 trips to Japan I have not observed any visible difference between Japanese women and those in any other reasonably affluent society. Which is probably why it's been 15 hours since your question and this answer. Oh, and I'm a bloke, I look ( discretely ) at women.
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hair 2008/11/18 14:55
I don't think it's anything particular that they all use on their hair, I think it's just a matter of going to the hairdresser often and taking a lot of care over it.

A traditional Japanese hair treatment, if you're interested, is camellia (tsubaki) oil, but this is by no means used by all, or even most women here.
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Sira 2008/11/19 05:44
Thank you for your advice Sira. I looked for Camilla oil today but I couldn't find it where I live. I will keep looking though.
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Shiseido 2008/11/19 07:02
Alicia1, Shiseido has a hair care line with tsubaki oil. You could try those products.
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universal problem 2008/11/19 08:27
Alicia1, as everyone says, the Japanese have a very fair share of "e-da-ge (split hair)" problems and that is the very reason why there are so many ads telling you that certain tsubaki oils or certain Shiseido shampoos do the trick. The fact is that they might do the trick and they might not. You just have to keep trying until you find the right hair-care for your own hair.

Btw, Asian hair is generally thicker than Caucasian hair or African hair. This may often be the reason it looks different. But still we have problems.

Perhaps you can start by not applying your dryer too hard or not brushing to harshly.
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lots of treatment 2008/11/19 12:42
My GF has long beautiful black Japanese hair. But she buys nothing but high quality shampoo & conditioners. So unless you are blessed with perfect easy to take care of hair....it takes $$$ to take care of the hair once it starts gets longer.
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how to fix split ends 2008/11/20 11:43
Once the ends of my hair get dry, I go the hairdresser- don't leave them like that or it will get worse and worse. No product can fix split ends.
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thanks 2008/11/26 18:49
Thank you all for your advice, that's great! I have long hair but I always let it dry naturally. As soon as I have split ends I trim the ends. I hardly ever go to a hairdresser because everytime I have they make a mess of it or cut more than they should haha. In my country a lot of hairdressers are nervous about cutting long hair. I can do a better job. I'm not blessed with beautiful hair unfortunatly. I have used different products but the only ones that work are from the body shop. I have been brushing my hair a lot more lately and that seems to be helping. Apart from that maybe the only thing to do is find a good hairdresser :)
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hair 2009/1/16 03:54
I would try looking for hairstylist that have experience with this style.
This might be a helpful list of hair salons. Try getting a picture of what you might like before you get the cut. :)
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Try long hair care forum 2009/1/29 21:57
Have you tried browsing such sites as longhaircareforum.com or other sites for women with long hair? LHCF is more directed towards black and multi-racial women, but they're very helpful towards other ethnicities as well. My hair has really grown in their care.

I brought some Tsubaki (the camellia oil shampoo by shiseido mentioned by other commenters) when I was in Japan and my Japanese friend said it was the best in Japan! Although that is her own personal opinion. :)
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... 2009/2/2 02:01
Depending on the type of hair you have, have you considered not washing your hair every day? The scalp has many natural oils that help condition your hair, so if you have a dry enough scalp to allow for it, this would be the best thing to do. Also, brushing a little bit helps distribute these oils, and is good, but brushing too much causes breakage and is bad.

Other than that, I've found (with my dry, multi-ethnic, very curly hair) that keeping your hair conditioned is what makes it look its best. Henna especially makes my hair a lot more manageable, anyway. It's not a traditionally Japanese treatment (though older women in Japan can be seen using it nowadays to cover the grey) but if you're outside of Japan and don't want additional color, it's also available in a non-dying formula. Just make sure there are no chemicals in it.

BTW I've heard that girls are told that they have to eat their seaweed if they want to have beautiful BLACK hair. hahaha Kind of like in the US where if you eat the crusts of your bread it will make your hair curly... Anyway, it's good for you, so keep eating it.
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Re: Japanese hair - old old old post 2013/3/18 07:03
I have a ton of experience with this stuff. Im not asian but I know a ton.
I did notice something. The ones that took care of themselves more had this beautiful hair that you're talking about and a few friends of mine that didn't take care of themselves didn't have nice hair like that... their hair was ...frizzy ..dry...stuck out ..it didn't look like your "typical asian hair" but trust me they were full asian . Idecided to try and copy the healthy ones because my hair was actually..a lot like the ones that weren't healthy xD i didn't take care of it ...but I'm not asian and when i was younger i was more healthy and I had ..hair like an asian i guess... -.- but im not xD (I'm spanish) My family also has my type of hair and they took care of it and they have hair like an asian too but they're ..not asian xP again they're latinos. Anyway, they just ate healthy and massaged sculp randomly, and stuff like that. Eating healthy is a must because what you put in you, reflects on the outside , and that is including the hair. Asians are really healthy , and that's not bad, it's also why they're known for being skinny. The healthy ones I know. I also know white girls by the way, that take care of themselves and they have such beautiful hair, it's like an asian but blonde ( i ..use to envy these girls xD) maybe you already soleed your problem. Just take care of it. Don't let it out in the sun or it will dry, dont let it out in the winter or it too will dry. If already dry use an oil treatment OH!! AND THE BIGGEST THING U GOTTA DO!! IS drink a looottt of water. Wow that did wonders for me, It changed my hair a lot xP seriously ,it makes your hair smoooth and...feel like your running your hand through water :P it does more then just that, it makes your hair healthy, it also is great for your body, and its super simple :) dont use harsh products and just go natural! ^^ ..this is late but i hope someone finds this helpful
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Re: Japanese hair 2013/3/20 18:44
they're using hair treatments and putting in things like kerastase every day when they dry their hair.

i have a hair treatment that helps keep my hair straighter and use it every week in the shower, as well as kerastase every morning. my hair looks and feels unbelievably silky and smooth, despite damaging the hell out of it with shukumou kyousei once a month.

these products are very expensive but they make your hair look good.

i think i pay around 2000-3000yen for the kerastase and around 4000yen for the treatment. but, they can both last around 2-4 months depending on how much you use them.
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