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Two Prong Grounded Multi input adapter 2008/11/19 13:56
hello, i am planning to be in Japan soon and i know in Japan everything is pretty much 2 prong instead of 3, so i was wondering where i could find one of these https://www.pacificgeek.com/productimages/xl/517426.jpg
so i can plug in my desktop which i will bring with me (3 prong) but when it goes to the wall it's 2 prong...sorry for the difficult explanation :S
can you guys give me specific website links where these can be found if they even exist?
by poopoohead  

Adapters 2008/11/20 07:33

I don't recall seeing anything exactly like that here, but you can get 3-pin/2-pin adapters at any large electrical or PC store.
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. 2008/11/20 08:57
If you're staying in a hotel, virtually all of them have adaptors for guests to use...
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... 2008/11/20 12:56
Why don't you just purchase one at home and bring it with you. Then you don't have to go through the hassle of finding one here.
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yea... 2008/11/20 19:06
no i'm not staying at a hotel i'm gonna be staying in an apartment. as for looking for one here and taking it there, the only ones i've seen are the 3 prong in and 3 prong to the walls. trust me i wouldn't be asking if i hadn't looked around where i live
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