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Can I get size 27.0 lady's ski boot? 2008/12/1 09:38
If its possible what store's should I go too. I'm travelling to Tokyo and want to pick up a bargain but wonder if I'd find a store that sells size 27.0 lady's ski boots.
by Tarn  

Ski Shops 2008/12/2 07:45
Best place to check out while you're in Tokyo would be Ogawamachi which is in the Kanda District of Tokyo. You'll probably find your size there, and cheap too.
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Very unlikely 2008/12/2 08:43
I would say your chances are pretty low of finding a women's ski boot in that size.

I take a 25.5 and have a hard enough time finding ordinary shoes here. There would be very, very few Japanese women who took a size 27.

I would almost say that it is not worth looking, as I am 99.9% sure you won't find a size 27 women's ski boot.

I had actually thought ski boots were unisex? You learn something new every day.

You will definitely find boots in that size, they just won't be specifically for women.
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... 2008/12/2 08:50
I second Ogawamachi. Lots of sports stores with many specializing in snow sports.

I'm not so optimistic that you'll find a women's size 27 though. Many manufacturers don't even make a women's 27. You will have better luck by looking at men's boots as well.

Also, bargain is extremely relative. Snowsports gear has a retail price that can be double what you'll find in other countries. I'd expect to spend at least 20000 if you're even able to find your size.

BTW, where are you travelling from?
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Kanda Cheap 2008/12/8 13:00
I'd say the only place you MAY find women's ski boots that big would be in Kanda Cheap (London Sports outlet) store at Ogawamachi sports store area. The shop is located about 30m west of the intersection of Yasakuni Dori and Hongo Dori, on the south side. I've seen men's snowboarding boots in there with a size 33 !!!!!!

I also remember seeing Women's ski boots in a size 26, but it will depend on what they have at the time. The chances of finding Women's ski boots in a size 27 anywhere else is very, very small. Last season, it was hard enough finding a size 25.5 for a friend.
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Bargains 2008/12/8 13:08
You can find bargains in Kanda Cheap. They have skis boots there from around 11,000-13,000 yen. I bought my daughter some boots there about a month back for 11,500yen.

Regarding ski boots, men & women have a different geometry in the leg. Men's calves are thicker in the middle, but taper more quickly towards the ankle. On the other hand. near the ankle, women's calves are thicker. Women's feet tend to be narrower for their length.
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