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Borderlink school 2008/12/2 17:29
Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any experience working for "Border Link", or if you have heard what its like. I am considering applying for them as an ALT when I graduate.

Also, from the looks of it, they have you interview overseas. Was their interview office far away from you?
by Q  

Borderlink school 2008/12/11 17:41
Don't do it. Go for Interac or RCS. You'd be better off.
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Borderlik 2009/1/21 09:30
I have worked for them for a year and a half with no problems. A lot of the problems I read online about them when researching other companies sound like they are coming from people who would have problems with any company they work for. A note, though, Borderlink is not a school. It is a dispatch company. Don't know if that matters, though...
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