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Where can I find fukubukuro in Tokyo 2008/12/3 00:01
I will spend new year holidays in Tokyo and I have heard about fukubukuro. I would like to know where can they be found and if all shops and dept. stores have them. Are they sold only on 1st of January? Many thanks!
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fukubukuro 2008/12/3 15:58
If you go to any major department store, you'll find some fukubukuro. As far as I know, it's usually done only on new years. You'll definitely fine it in Ginza (it's origin)...lots of premium brand name stuff. It all depends what you're hoping to find. You can try hit up ichimarukyu (109) in shibuya, if young fashion is what you're looking for. It's a multi-floor shopping center with ONLY women stores! You'll definitely get more than what you paid for though. Just be ready for a war zone to start.

Went with a couple of friends & it was hilarious to see the chaos! People are waiting in line for hours in the cold, and as soon as the door opens, there's a mad rush to the person's favorite shop! Never seen so many J-bunnies running like crazy!!!
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Fukubukuro 2008/12/3 16:20
Many thanks Kelii!
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You're Welcome 2008/12/3 16:46
You're Welcome!!! =)

Hope you have fun!!!
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... 2008/12/3 18:46
Nowadays because of the popularity and the chaos, some department stores announce the different kinds of "fukubukuro" in advance - for example, "ladies fashion," "men's fashion items," etc., and advertise them in flyers at the end of the year along with the different prices. For example, there might be 10,000 yen, 30,000 yen bags for ladies fashion items.

At some department stores where they know that their "fukubukuro" are very popular, they even designate different queuing locations/entrances for those who want to queue from early in the morning aiming at a particular type of those, for example, west entrance for one kind, east entrance for another. At least I know this happens in Ikebukuro. Some of the popular ones do sell out early on the 1st... if you are going to be around, have fun! :)
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Thank you AK! 2008/12/4 17:04
Many thanks AK! I suppose flyers are only in Japanese, right? I will be in Ikebukuro and I hope I will be able to catch at least one!
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