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buying a car in japan in vacation? 2008/12/3 07:24
while in vacation in japan can i buy a car and register it? like having a liscense plate on it and run it legally in japan?
i have a driver licensce and i already know i need a translation for it
could someone help?
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Buying a car 2008/12/3 15:37
In order to buy a car, you're gonna have to show them proof that you have some kind of permanent parking.

e.g. own a house with a car port, rent parking on a monthly basis, etc.
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Why Buy? 2008/12/3 16:56
I wonder how much it is worth buying a car just for vacation in Japan. Can't you just rent it? Public transporation is so convenient here, while buying cars cost you a fortune. Btw, you need to pay for insurance and tax to own a car.
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driving vacations 2008/12/4 06:29
japan offers a lot of great cars that canada never had thats why i want to buy will im there and maybe else import it in canada after ( with the 15 year rule) or else sell it back before coming back to canada

the trip im planning to do is a drivring trip through japan so i'll need to buy else of renting any non performant car :) but thank for the parking information
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... 2008/12/4 09:45
Buying a car for your vacation is possible, but what is your timeframe and will you be going through a broker to acquire the car for you? It is likely to be very expensive overall, and be aware that if you don't make arrangements before hand it could take up to a week or two from when you purchase your car to when you can actually drive it.
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timeframe 2008/12/4 10:00
i would like to go there for 1 month maybe two
and im thinking about buying there a car like a civic type-r 96-99 thats like 3000-4000$ there
but why two weeks before driving it?
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... 2008/12/4 10:10
Depending on where you buy it, it will likely need to go in for a Shaken inspection and then have any necessary repairs made for it to pass.

You will also need to arrange for insurance and parking. I believe parking must be done in advance of purchasing the car, but a good dealer may be able to take care of this for you.

Two weeks is just a worst case estimate from my experience. I've bought two cars in Japan, the first took a week because of delays obtaining insurance. The second took two weeks due to inspections, etc.

That's why I recommend you find a broker that can take care of all the paperwork and all that stuff before you arrive so you don't find your itinerary delayed as you run around trying to get everything for your car in order.

Also, do you speak Japanese? If not then a broker will probably be necessary anyway. I'll look into it a little more and see if I can get more detailed info for your situation.
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inspections 2008/12/4 10:17
I know all of the shaken thing
and im not talking japanese so i'll need a broker anyway but i can prearrange buying the car before going to japan maybe? i'll surely buy the car from this auction web stie: www.japaneseusedcars.com

and then get it inspected before i'll arrive
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... 2008/12/4 10:37
That website you listed appears to be a broker/exporter. Contact them directly and they should be able to help you out with what you need.
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Thanks! 2008/12/4 10:40
Thanks a lot for the infos!
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used engines 2009/1/8 05:21
you give a site where we can buy cars while in japan,my cuestion is do you know a website were i can go and buy used engines i heard that in japan they take them out after 60.000 milles.thank you
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used engines? 2009/1/8 06:30
depending in wich country you are from.... i know ggreat place in montreal.
www.naganojapanese.com best quality / service / price

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Unofficially buying a car. 2009/9/29 07:41
I have bought a car both on holiday and while living in Japan. When I was on holiday I went into a car yard that had a cheap car I wanted and tried to buy it. I couldn't because I didn't have an address or parking. However the owner got the local English speaking polotician over and arranged for us to buy the car for 2 years under his name we simply gave it back when we were done, or rather left it in a car park in another part of the country and he came to pick it up. It was a pretty good deal I'm not sure why he let us do that, but you never know whats possible until you try. Check out my blog for info on buying a car for real http://japan-in-2009.blogspot.com/ but I should mention I was also interested in importing cars from Japan to Australia but I found out the costs were around $4000 on top of what you pay for the car. Good Luck
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civic sells well.... 2009/9/30 05:53
Civics sells well here in canada... and i dont want to waste all my money on gas while in japan by driving a silvia or any turboed cars!
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Parking? 2009/9/30 15:37
I own 2 cars here in Japan and never got asked about parking, I wonder if it depends where in Japan you buy it.

I'm more in the country side of Shiga my first car I bought was a new Diahatsu it was very easy no questions asked.

My second car was used I bought it from a friend, when to Moriyama where there is a user shaken place and did all the paperwork agian no questions asked.

It's all very easy to do everything yourself.
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parking 2009/9/30 16:53
Interesting that you weren't checked when you tried to purchase your vehicle, but to get it registered you are officially required to obtain a form from your local police station with specific details about your parking area. Not sure why you didn't have to, but it seems you should have.
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rply; turbo cars 2009/10/2 03:43
why dont you look into a N/A rwd car?

they made N/A silvias
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